Next event: November 16th Meeting

Our next event is our monthly meeting on Thursday, November 16th. At this meeting, professor of astronomy Bernie Bopp will discuss the recent detection of gravitational waves and what this new type of observation means for astronomy. In the 20th century, astronomy was revolutionized by new instruments that could detect energies outside the visible light spectrum, such as radio waves, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, and gamma-rays. The 21st century will see another observational revolution as LIGO and additional space-based gravity wave detectors allow us to probe the formation and evolution of neutron stars, close binary stars, and supermassive Black Holes. Astounding new insights and discoveries await us. Come hear a professional astronomer's take on what we can expect.

The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. at the Science Factory planetarium. This will be a popular program. Come early to visit and to get a seat.