Next event: Solar SUN-day

Join us for our weekly solar SUN-days from Noon to 2:00 in Alton Baker Park for a look at the Sun! Solar SUN-days are your chance to have a look at the Sun with special telescopes and filters that allow safe viewing of our nearest star. We plan to do this every Sunday for as long as the weather holds. Come see solar prominences, filaments, sunspots, spicules, faculae, and various other difficult to pronounce but beautiful features visible in our scopes. Some days the Sun is quiet and there's not much to see, but other days it can be quite dramatic. Drop by on SUN-days and see what's happening up there.

We'll gather near the scale model Sun to the south of the duck pond in Alton Baker Park, starting at noon. Weather permitting, of course. We can't show you the Sun when it's cloudy!

One of our club members is also experimenting with sundials. Come see how a sundial works, and how they can be made accurate enough to tell time to the minute. Take home a miniature sundial of your own!

Solar viewing must be done with the proper equipment! Don't try viewing the Sun unless you have the right equipment for it and know how to use it safely. Come to our SUN-days and view it safely with us.

New Telescope Lending Page

We have just posted a new page detailing the Eugene Astronomical Society telescope lending program. It provides useful information on the telescopes we lend out and how you can go about picking one up. Check it out here!

First Quarter Fridays are a big hit!

Our monthly star parties have been a success from the beginning! For those of you who are unaware, the EAS now holds a monthly star party at the College Hill Reservoir on the friday closest to the moon's first quarter. Therse star parties are free and open to the public, so come join us! The College Hill Reservoir is located on Lawrence Street between 23rd and 25th Avenue.